KD LEKIR is representing Malaysia at RIMPAC 2022 exercise after
KD LEKIU took part in the 2018 edition.

On 18 June 2022, Royal Malaysian Navy’s KD LEKIR had successfully conducted a series of exercise with ships from Indonesia, Singapore and India in the Pacific Ocean. The first exercise was a Division Tactic (DIVTAC) Manoeuvring conducted in the morning, followed by a Photo Exercise (PHOTOEX) in the afternoon.

The series of exercises was part of training during the Multinational Group Sail en route to Hawaii, United States of America. The ships will be participating in the Rim of the Pacific (RIMPAC) 2022 exercise commencing later this month and training together will help to maintain ship crew’s readiness in preparation for the sea phase of the multilateral maritime exercise.

The DIVTAC Manoeuvring challenges a ship’s bridge team, headed by the Officer of the Watch (OOW), to coordinate movements with other ships. It also shows well he can work with his team to execute a multi-ship formation.

KD LEKIR executed four formations with INS SATPURA of Indian Navy and Republic of Indonesian Navy’s KRI I GUSTI NGURAH RAI during the DIVTAC Manoeuvring exercise which lasted some three hours. The three ships later met with RSS INTREPID of the Republic of Singapore Navy for the PHOTOEX.

KD Lekir’s Lt Cdr Muhammad Firdaus bin Mohd Zulhairi RMN led the bridge team during the DIVTAC Manoeuvre as OOW, with ship captain Cdr Mohd Asri bin Dasman RMN guiding his charges when needed. Communication staff manning the radio and on the flag deck were also part of the crew busy at work during the training.

During the PHOTOEX, INS Satpura flew her aircraft to capture visuals of the ships in various formations before each detached from the group and followed their own route to Hawaii.

The elements are key factors during a maritime exercise and mother nature cooperated with sunny weather and the sea state relatively calmer, which made for a smooth execution of today’s serials.

“What an excellent exercise this has been for us all. Not only does it prepare us better for RIMPAC, but also brings us even closer together as friends,” said Commanding Officer Cdr Mohd Asri.

“I hope to be able to do even more together in the future,” he added.

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